Sur La Sol

In April this past year, I was a lucky (ok, incredibly/unbelievably lucky) winner of the Sur La Sol Sweepstakes by submitting a photo themed around a contest on Free People's phone app. The winners all received a 6 day all-inclusive yoga retreat at Maderas Village in Nicaragua, all styled by Free People, and lead by Yoga and Wellness guru, Koya Webb and organized by Yogascapes

THANK YOU FREE PEOPLE, YOGASCAPES, & MADERAS VILLAGE! What I experienced there, couldn't be described as reality, but while it felt like a dream world, I learned 10 extremely valuable lessons there: 

1. Focus Energy On The Positive Through Meditation Or Visualizing

2. Never Stop Creating

3. Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

4. Explore 

5. Take In Your Surroundings

5. Take In Your Surroundings

6. Listen To The Music

7. Send Out Love

8. & Remember To Love Yourself

9. Feel Inspired

10. Never Forget Your Sol Sisters (& Brothers)

Check out more on the Free People Blog & in their August Catalog as well as in AFAR magazine

xx Solveig