Malibu|National Friendship Day

Nicole and I went to college together ('SCO DUCKS) and have been friends for nearly 4 years, so what better way to catch up and coincidentally celebrate Nat'l Friendship Day than explore the beautiful beachside city of Malibu. 

After about a 45 minute drive north of where Nicole lives in LA, we arrived at our hiking destination, Escondido Falls. The total hike was about 2 hours long, but it was very hilly and extremely hot out and so it was no easy trek! We saw so many horses and took some time for yogic photo shoots off the main trail. 

Nicole just celebrated her 1 year anniversary working E-Commerce for BeyondYoga! (Go Girl!) And so we thought we would give our gratitude by shooting some content in their killer threads. 

After the hike, we made our way to Malibu Country Market for some veggie sandwiches, honey+lemonade, shopping at a home accessory boutique and of course, Planet Blue.