Christa Suppé Photography for Anthropologie

Hi all! 

Patrick and I are so excited to be leaving for Europe in...6 days?! Holy s*** that came fast! 

I'll be blogging our travels and posting on my instagram @solveignoll so please follow along for updates and for details on our biggest adventure yet! 

This week I had the pleasure of shooting with the incredibly talented and kind-hearted Christa Suppé for the latest product available at Anthropologie (@anthro_ranchocucamonga) and I'm so excited because the pictures are to DIE FOR. Not to mention I want to buy everything, if you haven't already check out her website and also check out Anthropologie's new fall arrivals, it emulates the latest from Gucci, D&G, and Chloé in an affordable and casual way. 

I'll be adding to this post as photos are check back periodically for updates! For now here's the first from the shoot, shot at an old winery in the north Inland Empire.

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