Nice, France was a dream for my entire life, so, naturally, when we were able to get it into our itinerary I was freaking out. I couldn't sleep the night before our plane left Berlin, and I was beaming during our entire flight. What we didn't realize was that the south of France in late October feels like summer, which following a frigid Berlin was more than welcoming. The Baie des Anges is called so because when Adam and Eve were first created and sent to Earth, they landed here first because it is the closest thing we have on Earth to Eden. The winding alleys reminiscent of the days of Italian reign were transformative, taking you to another time. 

Even the fact that our Airbnb was up five flights of stairs wasn't even an issue for us. It didn't matter, we were in dreamland, in love, drinking rosé, and stuffing our faces with tapenade and baguettes. 


This place is special to me for many reasons, but also that I had the greatest day of my life so far while in Nice. 


Pat and I decided we should explore the countryside cities of Grasse, St. Jeannet, and St Paul De Vence, and to do so, we would rent vespas. Vespas, are expensive, and use a lot of gas for the mileage we would need to cover, so instead we rented a Royal Enfeld, and just like that all my Lizzie McGuire tourist dreams came true. I would do anything to have that day back! We road through the valleys and cliffs smelling the cool air and then after coming into the sun again we would be burning hot, stopping for cheese and grapes on the way. There really are no words. 

Other highlights: Grasse, St. Jeannet, Saint Paul De Vence, swimming in the Mediterranean, drinking ALL of the rosé, Pat biking up the Col de la Medone and Monaco, and Eze! 

...we'll be back. 

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